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Compounds & Glazes

We stock the finest Heavy-Duty Polishing Materials from 3M and Meguiar. Look here for a great range in choices of Cleaning Glaze, Rubbing Compound or Finishing Material for gelcoat or painted marine surfaces with aggressive abrasives that can safely boost cleaning power and efficiency or remove sanding marks. 

We also stock the back-up pads and soft pads designed by 3M for the"Perfect-It Plus" polishing system. Find the other buffing and polishing pads that we carry in the Buffing & Polishing Pads section of our Tools Category.

3M "Perfect-It" Foam Polishing Pad
Item # 36760
3M "Perfect-It" Ultrafine Foam Polishing Pad
Item # 36765
3M Double-Sided Wool Compounding Pad
Item # 84387
3M "Hookit" Compounding/Polishing Pad System
Starting from $47.60
3M "Perfect-It" EX Rubbing Compound
Starting from $105.54