3M "Hookit" Compounding/Polishing Pad System


Hookit™ Slow-Polisher Pad System - Perfect-It Plus™

The 3M Compound & Polish Systems are uniquely constructed to provide "quick-change" advantage while producing exceptional finishes on gel coat and painted surfaces. A system includes a great, conformable foam-body backup pad designed for use with a compounding pad and polishing pad in 8" foam or 9" wool with 5/8" hub threads for use on most slow-speed polishers.

Either foam or wool 3M pad system works great with 3M Perfect-It™ Rubbing Compound and 3M Perfect-It™ Machine Polish - both available and sold separately.

Sold individually

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Starting from $30.41
Item Description Price UM
36751 3M 05711 HOOKIT COMPD.PAD(WHT)9" $30.41 / EA
36754 3M 05713 HOOKIT POLISH (YLW) 9" $33.66 / EA
36757 3M 05717 HOOKIT BACKUP PAD 8" $117.10 / EA
36768 3M 05737 8" FOAM COMPOUND PAD $34.42 / EA
36771 3M 05738 8" FOAM POLISHING PAD $34.46 / EA