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"Orbit Blocks"

Ronstan Orbit Blocks™ feature Dyneema® Link technology that comes from the latest trends in development classes and Grand Prix ocean racing. These blocks develop the ultimate in strength, weight saving, holding power and control. Advanced polymer technology that is ten times stronger than steel delivers a product that is more compact and lighter, too. 

Orbit™ Ball Bearing Blocks boast the highest strength-to-weight ratio available. This is achieved through all-composite reinforced polymer materials and a Dyneema® rope link head. Their precision design allows the optimum number of ball bearings in loaded areas and eliminates them in inactive areas. Ineffective mass is reduced even further through fibre-reinforced composites in the block head, cleat arms and beckets. 

Orbit™ Ratchet Blocks have all the holding power of their predecessors, but with superior rope wear performance. They're lighter, and they're the only ratchet blocks with both manual and fully automatic modes. Control switches on both sides of the block remain accessible whether fitted on port or starboard side, and the NC-machined alloy sheave and simple mechanism ensure superb reliability and durability.

Ronstan "Orbit" Ball Bearing Block - 20mm - w/Lashing Cord
Item # 502516
Ronstan "Orbit" Ball Bearing Block - 55mm - Single / Becket / Swivel Head
Item # 504663
Ronstan "Orbit" Ratchet Blocks - Auto & Manual - 55mm
Item # 504703
Ronstan "Orbit" Block - 30mm - Single/Becket/Lashing Head
Item # 712393
Ronstan "Orbit" Ball Bearing Blocks - 30mm
Item # WROBBB30
Starting from $17.971
Ronstan "Orbit" Ball Bearing Cheek Blocks - 30, 40 & 55mm
Item # WROBBCB345
Starting from $20.54
Ronstan "Orbit" Ball Bearing Stand-Up Blocks - 30mm
Item # WROBBSB30
Starting from $29.536