W.L. Fuller Screwdriver Bits - Slotted Power - 1/4" Hex Shank


Slotted Power Screwdriver Bits

1/4" Hex Shank with Round Bodies - Extra Hard

These power bits fit directly into the power tool for improved concentricity and easier clearance. Each is built with a power groove that engages with a spring-loaded metal ball inside the driver. The Extra Hard Bits are recommended for driving heat-treated or case-hardened screws, such as sheet metal or self-tapping and self-drilling screws. Note that proper sizing is important for efficiency.

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Product Datasheet

Starting from $1.55
Item Description Price UM
37268 .25 X 1-15/16 SLOTTED DRIVER BIT $1.55 / EA
37271 .312 X 2" SLOT DRIVER BIT $2.14 / EA
37277 .312 X 3" SLOT DRIVER BIT $4.52 / EA