Solar Showers - Eco-Friendy - PVC Free - 5 Gallon



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PVC-Free Solar Camp Showers

The latest in short-term water storage and heating delivers a personal shower in the outdoors... on deck top, or from tree or truck roof. It's also great for washing off dirty hands and feet. Plus, Seattle Sports now supplies their improved PVC-Free Sun Shower with a redesign that makes them more user friendly and lighter to pack.

Seattle Sports newest Solar Sun Shower offers the same great performance as their regular Camp Shower, but it's built with eco-friendlier PVC-Free materials and other thoughtful features. A comfortable slide-bar doubles as both the port closure and toting handle. With molded-in finger grips, this bar allows for a comfortable handhold for toting a full shower. Reflective printing allows you to more easily find your shower at night. A teardrop shape concentrates the water flow to the shower nozzle. A super-tough urethane tube and easy-to-use push-pull shower head complete the shower.

This shower uses same material as the AquaEra G2 dry bags, so you can bask in the warm water and ecological peace of mind with health-friendly materials.
Chorine-Free and Azo-Free
Causes no dioxin, heavy metal or phthalate pollution in production
Produces H2O and CO2 when burned
Releases no chlorine-based chemicals throughout lifespan

Note: If you intend to use the Sun Shower in colder climates, the 2.5-gallon size will heat up the fastest.

Mfg No. 031215

Capacity 5 Gallons

Shower Dimensions 18" W x 27" H

Unfilled Weight 8 oz.

Sold individually

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