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Rooster Polilite Rope - Blue - 7mm

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Rooster Polilite Rope - Blue - 7mm

SKU: 400076

$2.45 / FT

Rooster Polilite Rope - 7mm

Since being used to win the Laser Gold Medal at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, Rooster's 7mm revolutionary non-twist mainsheet continues to be as popular as ever. With the load bearing outer cover gripping the lightweight inner core the risk of being confronted by a tangled mainsheet on a crucial bear away is greatly reduced.


  • Hard wearing, load bearing outer cover minimises the risk of twists
  • Polypropylene construction reduces weight and water absorbtion
  • 7mm diameter ensures the rope runs easily through blocks

Diameter 7mm

Breaking Load 1,675 lbs (760kg)

Color Blue

Put-Up Length: 650 Ft (200 meters)

Sold per foot

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127250BL 200M
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