Holding Clips - Beckson "Clipper Clip"


Clipper Clip™ Holding Clips - Molded

These clips are non-conductive, non-magnetic and non-corrosive, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor use, or use throughout a boat. They're ideal for storing boat hooks, gaffs, mops, flashlights, pumps tools and a variety of accessories.

  • Clips require a #6 flathead fastener (not included)

Sold per pair

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Starting from $4.46
Item Description Price UM
705243 CLIPPER CLIP-BLK-3/4" $4.46 / PR
705244 CLIPPER CLIP-BLK-1" $5.14 / PR
705246 CLIPPER CLIP-BLK-1-1/4" $5.42 / PR
705247 CLIPPER CLIP-BLK-1-1/2" $5.70 / PR
705248 CLIPPER CLIP-BLK-1-3/4" $6.59 / PR
705249 CLIPPER CLIP-BLK-2" $8.29 / PR