Enderes Tools Cold Chisels


Standard Length Cold Chisels

Cold Chisels are used for cutting, shaping, or removing cold metals softer than the chisel itself, such as cast or wrought iron, unhardened steel, aluminum, brass or copper. They are not for use on concrete, stone, or a metal harder than the chisel's cutting edge.

These chisels have a cutting edge at one end, and a strike face at the other to be struck with a ball-peen or machinist's hammer. Each is individually heat treated to allow resharpening with a file for a lifetime of quality cutting.

Enderes Tools® Cold Chisels are forged and heat treated using only the finest domestic high-carbon tool steel. They exceed all applicable ANSI and ASTM steel specifications for materials, physical properties, and testing. Built for hardness, each chisel will also hold its cutting edge longer than any other and will resist excessive wear.

Sold individually

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Starting from $5.08
Item Description Price UM
38598 END 0606 3/8" COLD CHISEL $5.08 / CD
38601 END 0612 1/2" COLD CHISEL $6.04 / CD
38604 END 0615 5/8" COLD CHISEL $6.60 / CD
38607 END 0621 7/8" COLD CHISEL $9.24 / CD