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Buenger "GoldenRod" Electric Dehumidifiers

Buenger "GoldenRod" Electric Dehumidifiers


GoldenRod™ Dehumidifiers - 120 Volt AC

Need a permanent, maintenance-free solution to humidity problems? The original GoldenRod™ electric dehumidifier will reduce moisture of the air in a locker, gun safe or throughout your boat - any place where moisture is a problem. Installed in minutes, safe from fire danger, and costing only pennies a day, GoldenRod™ will amaze you with its power to protect boats, RV's and guns.

Each rod heats to a surface temperature of less than 150° F and circulates warm, dry air throughout an enclosure on a 24-hour basis. This increases the air temperature inside an enclosure, and the expansion of heated air forces the moist air outside through cracks and vents to leave the dry air inside.

Sold individually


"GoldenRod" Electric 12" Dehumidifier - 12 Watt
Item #: 13788
Manufacturer Part #: 725721
Estimated Retail: $70.10
Available: 3
$59.59/ EA
"GoldenRod" Electric 18" Dehumidifier - 18 Watt
Item #: 13791
Manufacturer Part #: 725731
Estimated Retail: $73.63
Available: 1
$62.59/ EA
"GoldenRod" Electric 24" Dehumidifier - 25 Watt
Item #: 13794
Manufacturer Part #: 725741
Estimated Retail: $79.13
Available: 0
$67.26/ EA
"GoldenRod" Electric 36" Dehumidifier - 38 Watt
Item #: 13797
Manufacturer Part #: 725751
Estimated Retail: $87.23
Available: 1
$74.15/ EA