3M T270 Oil Sorbent Boom - Bag of 4



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Petroleum Sorbent Boom

This petroleum sorbent boom is a 8-inch x 10-foot scrim-encased tube of particulate sorbent material secured by a UV-resistant netting and used for control of spills of hydrocarbons on water or land.

3M Petroleum Sorbents repel water and float (as long as surfactants are not also present). They are typically used on water to contain and adsorb hydrocarbons that are on the surface or in an emulsion in the water.

Built-in attachment clips are provided at each end of the boom, allowing the booms to be linked together and overlapped to prevent seepage between segments.

Recommended for use in ditches, streams, rivers, lakes, and terminal docks and piers.


  • UV resistant
  • Will not deteriorate or disintegrate
  • Hydrophobic - will not absorb water
  • Cost effective as oil (not water) is recovered by the sorbent
  • Sorbent tube diameter - 8" (200mm)
  • Sorbent tube length - 10-feet (3 meters)
  • Sorbent tube weight - 13.8 lbs. (6.25 kg)
  • Sorbent tube oil absorbent capacity - 20 gallons (75 liters)
  • 4 sorbent tubes per bag
  • Color - Orange

Sold per bag of 4

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