3M Sorbent Bilge Pillow - Marine Oil & Fuel



Sku: 36912

Oil Sorbent Mini Pillow for Bilge Cleanup

Use for clean-up and containment of petroleum-based liquid deposits found in bilge water.

These pillows are designed with a scrim that encases particulate sorbent material and are used in areas where more absorbent capacity is desired than can be achieved using a sorbent pad.

Each pillow absorbs up to 19 times its weight, depending on the petroleum-based liquid being recovered. Each pillow holds up to two quarts of oil. Toss the pillow in the bilge to soak up gasoline, diesel and oil, but still repel the water! After treatment with the pillow the bilge water can be safely and legally pumped overboard.

These pillows will not sink. Each pillow also features special grommeted holes that can be used to tie it into place.

  • Pilow Dimensions - 7" x 15.9" (18cm x 38cm)

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