3M SOLAS-Grade Reflective Tape


Scotchlite™ SOLAS-Grade Reflective Material 3150-A

High-Intensity Safety Tape
SOLAS - Safety of Life at Sea

This USCG-approved and highly reflective, this flexible "tape" is made of encapsulated lens material that has been pre-coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. It has been primarily designed to enhance the nighttime visibility of life support equipment such as ring buoys, life jackets, survival suits and inflatable rafts in marine environments. Also great for rain gear and motorcycle jackets.

Note: Purchases by the roll are "Made to order". There may be delays if ordered in large quantites.

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Starting from $2.18
Item Description Price UM
65033 3M 88619 REFLECTIVE TAPE 2" /ft $2.18 / FT
65036 3M 88619 REFLECT TAPE 2" x 50yd $294.38 / RL
65039 3M 88624 REFLECTIVE TAPE 4" /ft $3.94 / FT
65042 3M 88624 REFLECT TAPE 4" x 54yd $656.40 / RL