3M Accuspray Spray Gun Kit



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Accuspray HG09 Spray Gun with Atomizing Head

3M Spray Equipment has been designed from the inside out for effective, efficient and economical application of paints, adhesives, coatings and finishes. These spray guns deliver large usable spray patterns with very low overspray. The soft, tight, adjustable pattern with complete atomization results in a high finish quality and absolute control. Each lightweight gun is ergonomically designed for easy handling, reliability, durability and low maintenance costs.

The innovative atomization of this unit allows the user to get the finish of a premium HVLP primer gun at a fraction of the cost. This reduces cleanup while minimizing overspray. The unit is designed for those who demand the best and won't settle for less. Whether your air source is compressed air or a turbine, you will benefit from the speed of application, decrease in masking, sanding and cleanup time, and the ability to achieve a fine


  • Kit contains 1 spray gun & 3 atomizing heads
  • Long-lasting Delrin®-tipped needles
  • Smooth, wide air passages for laminar flow
  • Separate fan and fluid needle adjustments
  • Decrease in prep and cleanup time
  • Reduces solvent use and hazardous waste costs
  • Lightweight with a smooth trigger pull

Accuspray™ Atomizing Head Refill Kits are allso available and sold separately.

Sold per kit

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