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"Gullsweep" Bird Deterrent

"Gullsweep" Bird Deterrent


"Gullsweep" - Bird Roosting Control for Boats

Eliminate cleaning time and unsightly stains!

For more than 40 years, "Gullsweep" has been used around the world to ward off flying critters that love to roost and mess on boats. It's designed to make gulls and other potential roosters so uncomfortable that they will choose any other roosting in sight before they use your boat's mast, bridge, deck or rail.

"Gullsweep's" motion produces in birds a fear of potential danger or the unknown. With other alternative locations available, birds will find more suitable roosting elsewhere.

"Gullsweep" can be easily mounted, dismounted and stored quickly when boating. You may consider a second or third unit for full boat coverage. Do not run boat with Gullsweep in place - Always remove and stow.

"Gullsweep" Bird Deterrent
Item #: 43000
Manufacturer Part #:GS-1
Estimated Retail: $57.42
Available: 10
$48.81/ EA
Vane Set Replacement - Pair
Item #: 42999
Manufacturer Part #:GS-8
Estimated Retail: $17.49
Available: 0
$14.87/ EA