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Wet or Dry Sandpaper Sheet

Wet or Dry Sandpaper is renowned for its special closed-coat abrasive bonding with a waterproof resin. This construction also makes it more flexible and more durable than most other sandpaper which provides the user with sandpaper features like faster cut, longer life, and more consistent finish. These products will not load up as quickly either all providing you with the best time-saving product performance you can find. Look here for the highest quality sandpaper from 3M and Meguiars.

3M Imperial "WetorDry" Improved Construction Sheets
Starting from $2.07
3M Imperial "WetorDry" Paper Sheets
Starting from $2.70
3M "WetorDry" Tri-M-ite Paper Sheets
Item # W3MWDTP
Starting from $3.01
Meguiar's "Unigrit" Finishing Papers - Wet or Dry
Starting from $38.88