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Ronstan Blocks

Ronstan Core Blocks™ are a great choice for sheets, halyards and control line applications for cruising and racing sailboats. Orbit Blocks™ feature advanced polymer technology, ten times stronger than steel, to produce a product that is more compact and lighter, too. Use Orbit Blocks™ for applications including control lines, mainsheet systems, spinnaker sheets, halyards, vangs and backstays for dinghies and small catamarans up to 30-foot keelboats. All Purpose (AP) Blocks are a great all-around solution. For durability and a long service life, these blocks are the right choice for sheets, halyards and control line applications for cruising and racing. 

Use Ronstan's Shocks Sheaveless Blocks for small-line rigging applications that do not require ball bearing blocks. Shocks are great for moderate load uses where minimal purchase is required. Snatch Blocks are a tough and reliable solution for temporary leads and line deflection. Simple and quick to deploy, they can be easily opened when the load is released. Lead Blocks are a low-profile solution for leading halyards or other rig sail controls back to cleats or jammers. Utility Blocks are simple, versatile and economical. Their stainless steel cheeks and UV-stablized Acetal sheaves ensure long service life with virtually no maintenance required. Wire Blocks have purpose-designed narrow sheaves and grooves, which make them well-suited for halyard, vang and backstay applications. 

Ronstan's new Series 30 Curved Vang Key is available here Curved Vang Key RF1062

If you need blocks for trimming your headsail, look in Genoa/Jib Blocks & Cars to check out our selection from Ronstan, as well as Harken & Schaefer.