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Polyester Braid

Polyester fiber has high strength and low stretch characteristics, which makes it ideal for running rigging, where durability and feel are important. Because polyester has excellent grip, it works well on winches. Polyester is categorized as either spun polyester (fuzzy) or filament polyester (smooth). Samson Trophy Braid has a spun polyester cover, while the other double braids shown here have a smooth filament cover. 

Double braid construction incorporates a braided core within a braided cover, each carrying an equal percentage of the total load. The result is a rope that provides strength, durability, shape and easy handling. In addition to carrying up to one-half of the load, the cover serves to protect the core from abrasion or ultraviolet degradation, to provide grip on winches or in clutches and stoppers, and to provide protection from friction-generated heat. 

Double braids are excellent for a variety of applications, including halyards, control lines, mainsheets, jib/genoa sheets, spinnaker sheets, topping lifts and vangs. This rope has excellent resistance to rot, abrasion, chemicals, weathering, and can be stored wet without fear of strength loss. 

Single braids are ropes designed without the separate core found in double braids. The flexible, supple construction of single braids absorbs twist and resists kinking. We offer Intrepid®, which has an 8-Plait construction that works well for cruising jib/genoa sheets and halyards. The 1/2" diameter is great for bosun's chairs.

Robline 8-Plaited Dinghy Pro - Double Braid Polyester - 3/16"
Item # 504543
Robline 8-Plaited Dinghy - Double Braid Polyester
Starting from $0.61
"Intrepid" 8-Strand Plait - Single Braid Polyester
Item # WI8SPSP
Starting from $1.48
Samson Trophy Braid - Double Braid Polyester
Starting from $0.58
Samson XLS3 - Double Braid Polyester - Solid Color
Starting from $0.63
Samson XLS3 - Double Braid Polyester - White w/Tracer
Starting from $0.71