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Hook & Loop Abrasives

Check here for the Hook & Loop Abrasives. We stock 3M "Hookit" products that use the convenient hook-and-loop system for easy attachment and removal of the abrasive sheets and discs in whatever tool they are used. These abrasives are even more economical because the ease of reattachment lets you reuse any abrasives that are still usable - and the attachment system is not affected by dirt and dust, so you are able to make grade changes and operation changes as often as you like. Look here for our great selection of "Hookit" Abrasive Sheets, Sanding Discs and Backup Pads for Stripping, Fairing and Dust-Free Finishing applications too. 

Look here too for the "Hookit" Air File Shoe. Other "Hookit" sanding platforms are found in the Hand Pads, Blocks & Boards section of this Sandpaper & Abrasives Web Category.

3M Green Corps "Hookit" Fairing Board Sheets - 4.5" x 30"
Item # 36451
3M "Hookit" Air File Shoe - 2.75" x 16.5"
Item # 36697
3M "Cubitron" II "Hookit" Purple Clean Sanding Discs
Item # W3MC2HPSD
Starting from $113.80
3M Green Corps "Hookit" Regalite Sheets - 2-3/4"
Starting from $3.07
3M "Hookit" Abrasive Disc Backup Pads
Starting from $91.80
3M "Hookit" Blue Abrasive Discs Multi-Hole
Starting from $65.61
3M "Hookit" Purple Clean Sanding Sheet Rolls
Starting from $51.49
3M "Trizact" "Hookit" Foam Discs
Item # W3MTHFD
Starting from $15.33