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Grinding Discs

Grinding Discs are used for the removal of metal and heavy coatings. They are also suited for weld and fiberglass grinding and blending, heavy-duty deburring and metal finishing. Use also on wood. Look here for a big selection in the 3M line of Fibre-Backed Disc, including "Grit-Lok" and "Roloc", as well as the accessories to use with them, like a Disc Pad Hub, a Disc Pad Face Plate and Disc Retainer Nuts.

Spiralcool Rubber Backing Pad - 4.5"
Item # 88555
Spiralcool Air-Cooled Rubber Backing Pad - 6-3/8" Dia.
Item # 88558
Sandpaper & Abrasives
Item # W3MDPFP412
Starting from $39.28
3M Fibre Discs 501C
Item # W3MFD501C
Starting from $92.79
3M Green Corps Fibre Discs
Item # W3MGCFD
Starting from $7.47
3M Green Corps "Roloc" Discs
Item # W3MGCRD
Starting from $2.74
3M Resin Coated Fibre Discs - Type C
Starting from $5.18
3M Resin Coated Fibre "Regalite" Discs - "Grit-Lok"
Starting from $127.95
3M "Scotch-Brite" "Roloc-TR" Clean & Strip XT Discs
Starting from $6.53