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If you want to maximize your boat's cabin ventilation and can use something in a 12-Volt Fan, look no further. We stock an assortment of DC Electric Fan models, including Oscillating, Folding, or Gimballed models or check out the Turbo models that can turn, pivot, and lock in any one direction you need. Many of these come in variable speed control, and with some choice of color. We are also the best source for replaceable motors, fan blades and blade guards for the models that supply them.

Caframo "Kona" 3-Speed Weatherproof Fan - 12 Volt
Item # 711062
Caframo "Maestro" Variable Speed Fan - 12 Volt
Item # 711074
Caframo "Taku" 4-Speed Hatch Fan - 12 Volt
Item # 712246
Caframo "Bora" 3-Speed Fan - 12 Volt
Item # 712359
Caframo "Sirocco" 3-Speed Gimbal Fan
Item # WCS3SGF
Starting from $9.99
Caframo "Ultimate" 2-Speed Fans
Item # WCU2SF
Starting from $14.99
Hella "Turbo" 2-Speed Fans
Item # WHT2SF
Starting from $108.89