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Deck/Sole/Surface Covers

We carry a fine selection of sheet materials, from plastic to cardboard, for use as Protective Covering, Dunnage, Interleaving, or Overwrapping use. Look here for strong and durable Corrugated Cardboard or Polyethylene Sheeting for deck and carpet protection as well as UV-resistant Utility Tarps. 

Also check for Non-Skid Tape and related Surface Coverings in the Non-Skid section of our Safety and Regulations category. Use this link: Non-Skid & Step Pads

Corrugated Cardboard Walkway
Starting from $0.54
Plastic Drop Cloth
Item # WPDPC
Starting from $4.68
Polyethylene Sheeting - Americover 3 Mil "Carpet Cover"
Item # WPSA3MC
Starting from $84.38
Tarpaulin - High Density Polyethylene - Blue
Starting from $11.32