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Chemicals & Solvents

Look here for strong Metal Cleaning or Rust Conversion formulations with Phosphoric Acid. We stock compounds like Permatex "Naval Jelly", ShipMates "Rust Gone" or Pro-Line "Rust Buster", as well as StarBrite's infamous "Corrosion Buster Pen". We also supply Paint Removers and Solvents in small shippable containers. Look here for Solvents like Acetone, MEK, or the environmentally friendly Bio-Solv. Find paint thinners in the Paint and Varnish Section of this Web Catalog - please locate these under Paint Thinners and Additives. 

Please note that many of these compounds are regulated as hazardous and cannot be shipped by USPS and can be ground shipped only via UPS.

Life-Calk Solvent & Cleaner - Pint
Item # 13674
Star Brite Corrosion Buster Pen
Item # 80274
Crown Acetone
Starting from $13.95