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Bristle Discs & Pads

Bristle Discs incorporate the bristle design with 3-dimensional abrasion to quickly remove coatings, sealant, and adhesives without problems of loading found with wire brushes, coated abrasives, or conditioning discs. Look here for the "Roloc" Bristle Discs we carry as well as the "Roloc" Disc Pad Assembly that is needed to support each size of bristle disc.

3M "Cubitron" II Fibre "Roloc" Discs
Item # W3MC2FRD
Starting from $63.09
3M "Roloc" Bristle Discs - 18000 Series
Item # W3MRBD18
Starting from $12.53
3M "Roloc" Disc Pad Assembly
Item # W3MRDPA
Starting from $55.87