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Brass Flare Fittings

Look here for a variety of 45 Brass Flare Fittings for use with copper, brass, aluminum or steel tubing. These fittings are primarily used with fuel equipment, plumbing, gases, refrigeration and vacuum lines. 

45 Brass Flare Fittings resist mechanical pull-out, yet they're easy to disassemble. They can be reassembled many times with no effect on their seal. Standard fittings use short nuts, while long nuts are offered here for higher vibration applications. Temperature range is from -65 to 250.

Elbows - 45-Degree Flare
Item # WE45DF
Starting from $2.14
Elbows - FNPT x 45-Degree Flare
Item # WEFNPT45
Starting from $4.47
Elbows - MNPT x 45-Degree Flare
Item # WEMNPT45F
Starting from $2.65
Female Couplings - 45-Degree Flare Fitting
Item # WFC45FF
Starting from $1.53
Flared Caps
Item # WFLRC
Starting from $0.93
Flare Nuts - Long
Starting from $2.31
Flare Nuts - Short
Starting from $0.94
Flared Plugs
Item # WFLRP
Starting from $1.45
Flared Reducing Unions - 45-Degree Flare Fitting
Item # WFRU45FF
Starting from $4.35
Flared Tees - 45-Degree
Item # WFT45D
Starting from $4.57
Flared Tee & Pipe Couplers
Item # WFTPC
Starting from $5.57
Flared Unions - 45-Degree
Item # WFU45D
Starting from $1.47
Half Union Couplings - MNPT x 45-Degree Flare
Item # WHUC45DF
Starting from $1.54
Swivel Connectors - Female 45-Degree Flare
Item # WSCF45DF
Starting from $5.14