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Air Filters & Elements

We stock many models of Racor Marine Air Filters to trap contaminants that will reduce the performance and longevity of your boat's motor. Designed with water-repelling synthetic media, these filters eliminate soot plating, salt and water ingestion and surface loading. Racor Air Filters also eliminate a host of moisture-related problems such as icing and corrosion. They will not prematurely clog from the oily carbon soot in exhaust fumes. All this and extra capacity means more efficient engine operation, lower maintenance costs and better overall performance. 

In order to determine the correct marine air filter application, you will need to know the marine air filter rating (AFR). You will need to provide the hose connection to turbo. Verify that the marine air filter dimensions will fit into your engine room.

Racor Air Filter Oil & Cleaner Kit
Item # 55396
Air Filter Elements - Racor - Walker AirSep/Detroit Diesel
Starting from $291.74